Plant life

From shrubs to vines and plants of rich diversity, nature brings color and healing to our world.  Plants help prevent erosion, purify air, and are food for many.


From cultivated to wild, flowers also add brightness, are used to commemorate special occasions or given "just because"  Flowers are an uplifting part of our world.


From wild to domesticated, animals provide companionship,  provide transportation and are also used to help in work.  They can be beautiful, funny, and are an integral part of the circle of life.


From Backyard birds to waterfowl and raptors, birds...along with their beauty and grace, play parts in "planting" seeds and clearing up carcasses, among other things.  The sweet sound of songbirds brightens any day.


We would be in big trouble without trees.  Aside from purifying air, their root systems prevent erosion, they provide shade in summer.  Some bear fruit, some used for fuel or goods.


OK...I will admit, some insects I wonder about but even they are food for other creatures.  But they play a part in pollination, waste cleanup, soil aeration, and more.