The Winter That Wasn’t

female redwingsmallAt least in my immediate little world.

Some places had snow and more snow, we heard about storms all over but our winter was incredibly mild.  Here in my area of town I don’t think we had much more than 6 inches of snow all winter.  After last winter I will not complain.  The good thing is that we did have rains.  Heavy at times but moisture for our water tables.

And embarrassingly enough, I was negligent  in keeping the page up to date (obviously, since the last entry was 2 months ago)  But it has been quiet, I got back into an old love – art – since there were no special snow scenes to photograph.  I had picked up an adult coloring book and colored pencils for a friend for Christmas, got a Spirograph for my great niece and art supplies for the other great niece and then I started getting into coloring also.  Which led to coloring downloaded mandala designs and ultimately creating my own designs.19 This one is the latest and it was probably the most labor intensive.

I have found that it is a very meditative experience and it’s great to tap into a long abandoned hobby.  I found a couple of groups on Facebook and joined, and enjoy seeing other peoples’ work as well.  It has been a great pastime in which I spend entirely too much time.  But I am retired, so as long as the house stays one step ahead of the Health Department guidelines I don’t worry about such trivial things (insert wink emoticon…LOL)

Find YOUR bliss.  Life is short – make time for your own creative abilities to grow.

End of January

Hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of January.  It is still pretty much snow-less in these parts and thankfully not bitterly cold.  After last winter, we are not complaining.

So – no snow to speak of and most of the landscape is dull and the skies are more often cloudy and gray.  What do you do?  I started pulling up some photos in the archives (the external hard drive) and with the help of a plug in with a VERY old Photoshop program began creating mandalas.

Mirage4-1This was a picture of the cat (see all the eyes?)  It makes an interesting mandala and opened up a whole new way to create things.  I got a few prints and made some cards and we’ll see how they fly.  I have squared some off, isolated the circle image and added different background color in others.  Below, I share just a couple more of the mandalas.









These are just a couple of examples.  Get your own creative juices flowing this winter!


Aunt Katie’s 20th Birthday Bash

1This post will have a few more photos than usual…because I went to a 20th Birthday Bash for Aunt Katie’s Attic.  You don’t stay in business long these days unless you are exceptional and her vintage shop IS just that.  I’ve known Kate for many years and covered a lot of her functions…her birthday parties, flea markets, Girls Night Out and more.

A lot of the neat things you remember from your childhood can be found at Aunt Katie’s…and every time I go there she has freshened up displays, repainted walls…picked up new treasures.  So for now, I’ll just let you enjoy some of the fun and folks.  By the way, I was there early, and left just as the cars were lining up along Route 5 to get in!



Kate and her birthday balloons





Chair massage was available.  It was awesome!






Kate and “Mr. Aunt Katie”





Some wonderful ladies who recognized me from the web page!






A couple of real cuties out for some shopping.





The movie stars came out also!





One of the “rooms”…something for everyone.






Refreshments were also available.





Some kitchenware on display.  Some great old stuff here.





..right down to little dolls, and so much more.




As you can see, there was a LOT to see and experience.  Happy 20th and many more, Kate!  You’re the best.