It’s April!

It really is.  But March could not leave without leaving another snowy gift.  It is still damp, rain and occasional wet snow but the warmer days are coming.

Things are busy at the bird feeders as well.  You can hear the spring bird song and activity picks up in anticipation of new life all around.  Of course all that activity means the feathered ones have to burn more fuel and the feeders empty out very fast.  What they don’t eat, the squirrels do.

This time of transition is always one of the hardest to be patient in.  It is like the earth holds her breath before exhaling blooms and babies.  It teaches us patience and hope.  As much as it feels like Winter will never leave, it always does eventually.

Something you can count on.

Dragging Her Heels

1The other day, I posted a shot showing the bit of snow we had, and mentioned that the next day, we would be getting 1-3 inches more of snow.  Well, the second storm came in very early Monday morning and we had about 3.5 here, and some places had up to 6+ inches of the white stuff.  This was followed by cold air, so you had to clear it out.  Things were crunchy for a day or so.

Fast forward to yesterday (Thursday)  The temperature rises to about 60, and around 4PM a sudden storm with heavy rain and straight line winds to 85 MPH in places created havoc.  Also, washed away most of Monday’s snow.  Within a weeks’ time, we had late Spring weather, high winds, snow, more snow, REALLY high winds and now things are calming down but chilly.2

Today was a chilly mix of rain, some sleet up near the place where I do volunteer work, and then a quick, small squall here at home.  The cardinal is not impressed, and looks like one of those “Angry Birds” you see.  Can’t say I blame him!

From what I hear, temperatures are supposed to stay chilly for another week or so, then perhaps we can get back to seasonal.  But not without winter’s last hurrah…one that knocked our record for least snowiest season on its butt.  Oh well, its all good in the end.

Back to standard time

Did you all enjoy the extra hour of sleep last night?  I celebrated by staying up an hour later.  Had a good day where  got out to a couple of places for photos…now, at 4:45 the outside light is growing dim.  The shorter days are really coming in.

P1270793-1GLIt started out as a very gray day but I decided to go out anyway, and then the sun came out.  It is on the warm side for the beginning of November and the humidity made for a bit of a haze for just a while.  In some places, the trees are bare and in other places, they are still green!  It has been an odd fall i that you will see dull or no color, then turn a corner and…color!

collins 2 GLBut it won’t be long before we have no leaves, and things will be on the very dull side until the first clinging snowfall.  I am always a bit sad to see the color leave but I guess it makes us appreciate every season just a little bit more.  It is also time to start thinking about Thanksgiving.  And then Christmas.

Where DID the time go?

Mid October

fallOK..a little past mid-October.

It is an interesting Fall…still a lot of green yet some places have trees that are already bare.  You see a dull area, then turn a corner and some brightly colored trees await.  We did have some color and a very cold day for my retreat day on Sunday…we even had a sleet and then a snow squall.

For now, all the retreat work for the year is done.  It’s time to start thinking of Thanksgiving and already, the needed items are being stocked here on the home front.  I get out a little here and there for photos of course, and wonder just where summer went!  This past weekend, the first killing frost showed up and killed the super coleus that bloomed so magnificently over the summer.  Everything has its time, and the time for the coleus had come…and gone.

And so, mentally it is time to prepare for a long winters’ nap.  Or something like that!

A Time of Vivid Color

sunrise_2We are a few days into Spring now…the temperatures bounce back and forth, the wind blows cold and biting and some nights still dip into single digits.  But it’s a great time of year for spectacular skies as shown in this sunrise photo and a sunset photo further down in the blog.  The only thing is, you have to be ready for it.  If I had been in the kitchen I would have missed this sunrise on the first day of spring. The snow is melting slow but sure, the long icicles that hung down over the windows are now a memory.  The first narcissus have popped up next to the foundation.

The garden centers are advertising their Palm Sunday open houses coming up and I am getting itchy to see color in the yard once again.  I am hoping to get some small begonia plants that I can get started  so that by May they can be put outdoors.  But as the warmth plays hide-and-seeksunset 3-22-15,  May seems to be light years away.

No matter, everything comes in due season and having four distinct seasons makes me appreciate each one in its turn. By the time one has been around for a while I am ready to greet a new one.  The comforting hiss of radiators (yes, we still have those in this old house and I LOVE them) will be replaced by the breeze of ceiling fans.  Hobbies and interests change, except for photography which is ongoing.  Soups and stews make way for firing up the grill and lighter fare.  The lake in my sunset shot just above will be teeming with ducks, geese, gulls…and over in the outlet some blue herons and egrets, hawks, maybe even an eagle if we get lucky.

Now to get rid of the rest of the snow….

Out of the deep freeze

P1130171-1It’s been a while since I posted, but the past few days we have had a real break in the cold and snow.  Perhaps a January Thaw…in March?

These mallards – along with a few dozen extras – found open water in a drainage ditch and took advantage to swim, preen winter-weary feathers, and take naps on the surrounding snowbanks.  They looked as happy as a lot of the people I have been seeing.

The warmer weather corresponds with my own freedom from the sling and “house arrest” from the broken arm and ribs.  I started PT, and part of my added exercise is to do camera lifts!  We got out to a local country store the other day for lunch and here at home the snow has melted enough that I started cleaning the path of sunflower seed hulls from the back yard under the bird feeders.  P1130128-1The other day, tired of seeing all the snow, I took one of my artificial sunflowers and stuck it in a snowbank outside the window.  Think it may have had an effect on the weather?

Whether or not it did, (and my guess is that it really had no impact whatsoever) the long awaited preview of days to come has arrived.  It will be short lived as a wintry mix is due over the weekend but we are “short time” on Winter now.  I am MORE than ready.

I bet you are too!

Happy New Year!

snowy pathEveryone makes New Year’s resolutions, right?

For about 2 years, I have been tempted to ditch my old format and break into something new.  And now, I’m taking the dive.  I’ve enjoyed taking pictures (and sharing them) and writing about everything around me for 12 years.  This makes it just that much easier.

So now, perhaps, I can keep up with my photos, and random thoughts…and you might see some more postings again.  Win/win?  Maybe!

PLUS…if you are looking for the old page, and all of its links, at the top of this page is  a “Links to the Past” tab that will take you there.  Just like a time machine.