It IS still winter…

Here in the Northeast, we are gearing up for a major snow storm.

It seems like the days around St. Patrick’s Day can be a ripe time for late winter-early spring storms and blizzards.  After breaking record high temperatures for 3-4 days at the end of February…now we have been locked in the freezer for a bit and the storm looms. But that’s winter for you.

This was our yard after the blizzard of 1993…we had another good one in 2007…and now we may get 12-18 inches of snow beginning in the wee hours Tuesday.  This morning was relatively calm and sunny but the clouds are moving in.  We have plenty of supplies and I just hope our power stays on.  It’s not anything unusual for the area but you would think so by the reaction of so many people. Winter will be winter and March is wild and unpredictable.

I will post a couple of shots as we go along.  Presently there is no snow cover,  That’s going to change in a big way.  Or will it fizzle out?  Stay tuned…for that has happened as well in the past.  Be safe.


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