A Brand New Year

stones3You would think my resolution would be to keep up the web page.  All good intentions but sometimes life just keeps getting in the way.

Since I moved to Word Press it actually IS easier than “writing” everything in HTML, uploading a ton of photos, checking to see if things display correctly.  And to be honest, these eyes can be challenged as I (ahem) mature.  But there is always hope and in the spring, once the snow threats are gone, I will have these pesky cataracts removed and maybe be able to see clearly again!

In spite of the lack of posts, life DOES go on.  We have a new great niece who came to us just before Christmas.  Little projects await just around the corner and life is never dull or boring.  As we begin 2017, may we all find peace, may we work past the general chaos that seems to have permeated our culture and knw that even though I have not been on as much as I would have hoped…you are always present in my mind and heart!

Happy New Year!

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