Where does the time go?

plc-for-glI mean, seriously?

I had this photo all ready to upload when I got back from leading the 2 retreats at the end of August.  With apologies for being late as usual.  Then, as it seems to be the case a lot lately – life happens and you get all goofed up.  For some of us, it doesn’t take much!

Back on a relatively even keel however.  The retreats went well, the weather was about as good as you can get at the end of August in the mountains.  And now…Autumn is here and some of the trees are starting to turn.  It was a dry summer and the famous “they” say that the trees were stressed and color may not be as good.  We will see. All I know is that I am happy that the heat and humidity have gone.

Otherwise, I have been keeping busy and have another retreat coming up soon, a day presentation on Contemplative Creativity. Hopefully I can get back to making rocksmy mandalas once again.  Plus a few more painted mandala rocks.  They sure do come out colorful!

Until next time….be happy.


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