As the days get longer…

1What could be better than late May/June days?  The days are warmer, things are blooming, the bugs are not as bad as they are going to get.  At least here.  It is the time when the earth fulfills the promise it makes every year…that life goes on, and there is always something beautiful to see if you look hard enough.


2For me, it’s also about the babies.  Eggs are hatching all over, and although the birds are growing rapidly I did get out to catch a few of the goslings and ducklings locally while they were still in the “fuzzy” stage.  Less broods it seems, so I am thinking that many eggs were addled to cut back on the populations…especially the geese. We always seem to have an overabundance if measures are not taken.

3My favorite catch this year was this pair of Wood Ducks in Washington Park in Albany.  They can be terribly elusive and shy, so I was delighted to be able to get quite a few photos in two trips a friend and I made,  We have plenty of geese and mallards..usually up to our butts in them.  But these little creatures..only a little larger than a good sized pigeon…have delightful markings and tend to find quiet areas.

Looking forward to a hermit retreat in a bit…where I will be off to one of the cabins at Still Point.  There, I look forward to a couple of days of intense, up close nature observance.  Time away from the bustle of ordinary life can be a refreshing change of pace.

I can’t wait!

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