The Merry Month of May (sorta)

P1310576-1Once again, I fell behind in posting 🙁

Not to worry…we may not have snow as we had in the last entry in April, but it is chilly, damp and yesterday with the winds as well it felt more like March.  Today is calmer, still somewhat chilly but the leaves are on the trees, things are blooming and somehow it doesn’t seem so bad after all.

Already had my Spring presentation at the Dominican Retreat and Conference Center. It was a lovely day, we had a nice group and already the wheels in my head are spinning for the next retreat there in the Fall, and two up at Pyramid Life Center
in August.  Always a lot of fun…talking about the beauty around us and seeing the creations the people come up with. I am one blessed person.

Yes, I am 🙂

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