April Fool!

P1300499-1I know it is a couple of days past April 1, but perhaps that’s part of the joke!

We had a little bit of snow during the night, and 1-3 inches due tomorrow.  Snow in April is not unusual but the fact that the winter has been snow-LESS for the most part makes it worthy of an eye roll or two.  I do think of my father when we have Spring snow.  He would call it the “Poor Man’s Fertilizer”

The bird feeders are hubs of activity and somewhere up in the trees I hear a red-wing blackbird calling.  The grackles and starlings are beginning to hog the feeders and the mourning doves are back as the clean up committee.  Soon, I’ll fill the fountain and start it up for the season.  The beginning of a new cycle of growth and regeneration and it never gets old.

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