End of January

Hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of January.  It is still pretty much snow-less in these parts and thankfully not bitterly cold.  After last winter, we are not complaining.

So – no snow to speak of and most of the landscape is dull and the skies are more often cloudy and gray.  What do you do?  I started pulling up some photos in the archives (the external hard drive) and with the help of a plug in with a VERY old Photoshop program began creating mandalas.

Mirage4-1This was a picture of the cat (see all the eyes?)  It makes an interesting mandala and opened up a whole new way to create things.  I got a few prints and made some cards and we’ll see how they fly.  I have squared some off, isolated the circle image and added different background color in others.  Below, I share just a couple more of the mandalas.









These are just a couple of examples.  Get your own creative juices flowing this winter!


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