Black Friday

sunrise112715Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Things were relatively quiet here as we had the ”’short” version…6 instead of 10.  (small family!)  But we ate enough for 10. The weather was wonderful…on the warm side and no snow like last year  Now we begin leftovers which in our opinion are as good as the main feast.

So, on Black Friday morning, the sun rose beautifully red (cloudy now at 4PM) and it was a day off.  No shopping or crowd fighting…just puttering around, putting up a small tree on the front porch and a good long nap.  Tonight a friend and I will go out for coffee and catch up on what our turkey day was like.

This weekend, Advent begins.  And we move toward Christmas for us – Hanukkah, Milad un Nabi,  or Kwanzaa for our other friends.  And for the most part, the wish for Peace on Earth is present to the majority of people.

May it be so.

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