Mid October

fallOK..a little past mid-October.

It is an interesting Fall…still a lot of green yet some places have trees that are already bare.  You see a dull area, then turn a corner and some brightly colored trees await.  We did have some color and a very cold day for my retreat day on Sunday…we even had a sleet and then a snow squall.

For now, all the retreat work for the year is done.  It’s time to start thinking of Thanksgiving and already, the needed items are being stocked here on the home front.  I get out a little here and there for photos of course, and wonder just where summer went!  This past weekend, the first killing frost showed up and killed the super coleus that bloomed so magnificently over the summer.  Everything has its time, and the time for the coleus had come…and gone.

And so, mentally it is time to prepare for a long winters’ nap.  Or something like that!