June…Bustin’ out all over!

rgsm1We bounced back and forth from warm to cool, then sunny to finally much needed rain (although we really didn’t need some of the heavy storms we’ve had)

But in the middle of all of this flux…life was building and growing in gardens – especially the rose garden at Central Park.  I stopped by last night for a few photos and was blown away by how much bloom took place since I last passed by.  The Rose Garden is a crown jewel in Schenectady…it was maintained for years by the City and then the job was taken over by a committee of hard-working citizens when budget constraints rgsm2caused the city to give up the greenhouse and the Rose Garden operation and maintenance.  Since the committee took over, the area has been improved, a central fountain was added, and the “bridge” area has been expanded with a larger waterfall feature added.  It truly is an amazing place and a testament to how hard work and determination can save a landmark.

Of course, the park is beautiful as well…Iroquois Lake, the Duck Pond, picnic areas, tennis and softball courts, Music Haven…just to mention a few.  But my focus today is on the Rose Garden itself, and the beauty that is appreciated by thousands yearly.

rgsm3I will head back over quite a few times before the season is done.  Breathing in the scent of roses…listening to the splash of fountain and waterfall…hearing the birds and watching people come in with their cameras, kids, or just for a stroll.  To read more about the Rose Garden, visit their web page:

Schenectady Rose Garden

Back to real life

8Since my last post, I did get out for a couple of wonderful days at Still Point.

In this photo, I was standing at the door of one of the cabins (not the one I stayed in) and took a picture of the other ones.  It was raining and/or very overcast most of the time which made for a wonderfully restful stay, and some dreamy lighting.  I enjoyed listening to the birds – especially very early morning and at dusk.  In the evening, I could hear a couple of peepers as well.

John Muir wrote “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.”  This is where I do both.  The cabins are small, perfect for hermit time.  I listen to my internal clock rather than look at an actual clock and even in that short time, benefit from tapping into the natural cycle of nature.

In a couple of days I hope to update my Still Point page here…with newest photos from this retreat.  Have yourself a day filled with wonder!