sunset5-2-15The past couple of days, it seems we finally turned the corner to Spring, or maybe even pre-summer.  The temperatures are going to be in the 70’s, some days ahead almost 80!  My forsythia finally decided it was safe to bloom, I planted some geranium bare roots in pots then had to move them indoors because the squirrels thought it was a grand location to bury God-knows-what.  And nip off the new shoots while they were at it.  The pots are now safely in the sun room while I figure out how to protect the plants once they emerge again. Perhaps I might buy a little screening that I can cut and fit to the pots.

The yard gets cleaned up a little at a time, it’s warm enough to open the windows and let the fresh air in and everywhere you look, folks are outdoors.  We have had some grand sunsets and amid the scent of things blooming, you can smell barbecued delights. The best part is that the bugs are not out in full force…yet.

After a long hard winter it is good to see the kayaks and canoes out on the local lake once again.  The photo with this post was taken down by that lake, and you can see the leaves coming out on the trees.  The geese and ducks are around, and in about 3 weeks we should see the little ones.  Just a delightful time of year, one we dream of during those dark, cold winter months.

Welcome Spring…we have been waiting for you!


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