Life All Around Us

goslingsThis is one great time of year…when the baby birds (of all kinds) are out in the parks, yards and waterways.

These goslings were down at a local park…I haven’t gone up to Saratoga to see the baby duckling that are always at Congress Park but I have plenty of pictures from previous visits.  I think I have more water bird photos than anything else…except maybe flowers and sunsets!

It’s a hot and humid day today, with storms due later and then a return to temperatures that will be 20 degrees cooler than right now.  It seems to be the pattern…hot and humid, then cool and breezy.  Not complaining, we need the rain, just not as much as some poor folks are getting.  After all the snow we had over the winter, it has been dry since the beginning of March.  You just wait for the cycles to stabilize.

Heading off soon on a “hermit retreat” and will have new photos.  Got the gas grill tank refilled so that cooking can continue on the homestead in my absence.  I hear that steaks are usually on the menu…not that I don’t like steak, just that I don’t make it much.  So when I’m away, its feast time on the home front!  Enjoy your weekend!

Memorial Day 2015

vetmenWe are halfway through the Memorial Day weekend…a time set aside to remember those who gave their lives in defense of our freedom.

Originally known as Decoration Day, the first celebration took place in Waterloo on May 5, 1868. The name was changed to Memorial Day in 1967. And our own state of New York was the first to declare it a holiday.

We salute those who have fallen, and keep their loved ones in our prayers and thoughts.  Hopefully some day, we can all live in peace.

We remember.

New life all around

robin nest smWarm days…and new life!  This robin’s nest was actually in a shrub yew, kind of surprising to have it relatively low to the ground.  Mama Bird may have erred in putting the nest where she did, I can only hope the little family can survive predators.

Otherwise, I came back last week from a weekend at the retreat house where I helped out with a couple of things, gave a retreat on Saturday the 9th, and caught up on various tasks once I got back home on Tuesday.  I did get a few photo ops in my free time, and took a couple at a local park on the river as the sun came up.P1160105 A few people were already out at 5:30 AM, jogging, walking their dogs…getting ready for their day.  For me, it was a great opportunity to get some shots before the day got hot, and the mosquitoes come out. I heard that the black flies are out up north, so I think I will stay local for about a month.

Signed up for a hermit retreat for a couple of days in a little while…and I am looking forward to that. Voluntary solitary confinement.  And a very good time to get my thoughts in order – preparing for 2 more retreats in August.  Time just seems to fly and I look forward to seeing old (and new) friends up north at that time.

Also, it’s time to go off to the garden center and pick up annuals for the plant pots here at home.  After a long, cold, snowy winter it is wonderful to see color again.  All we need is rain (believe it or not). And a little bit of precipitation is due tonight and tomorrow.

Keep smiling!


sunset5-2-15The past couple of days, it seems we finally turned the corner to Spring, or maybe even pre-summer.  The temperatures are going to be in the 70’s, some days ahead almost 80!  My forsythia finally decided it was safe to bloom, I planted some geranium bare roots in pots then had to move them indoors because the squirrels thought it was a grand location to bury God-knows-what.  And nip off the new shoots while they were at it.  The pots are now safely in the sun room while I figure out how to protect the plants once they emerge again. Perhaps I might buy a little screening that I can cut and fit to the pots.

The yard gets cleaned up a little at a time, it’s warm enough to open the windows and let the fresh air in and everywhere you look, folks are outdoors.  We have had some grand sunsets and amid the scent of things blooming, you can smell barbecued delights. The best part is that the bugs are not out in full force…yet.

After a long hard winter it is good to see the kayaks and canoes out on the local lake once again.  The photo with this post was taken down by that lake, and you can see the leaves coming out on the trees.  The geese and ducks are around, and in about 3 weeks we should see the little ones.  Just a delightful time of year, one we dream of during those dark, cold winter months.

Welcome Spring…we have been waiting for you!