Yes, it’s still snowing

outwindowAs I sit and look out the window, there is more snow out in the yard than we have had in about 4 years.  The continued cold temperatures have discouraged melting so it has pretty much stayed with us also.  We are far from having it as bad as places in Massachusetts however.  We can still SEE out the windows.

Today, we have had a few bursts of flurries and overnight the arctic air is supposed to come blowing in.  Times like this I am very thankful for a warm house.  I also sit and marvel at how it can be so hot and humid in the summer.  But times like these make spring so sweet…

c in snowTo give you an idea of how much snow is out there…this photo was taken at the end of February, 2011.  And it looks just like this now except with my broken arm and ribs I am not standing outside tempting fate.  I was just a little closer to the house on this path to the bird feeders and garage when I fund that patch of ice. We are pretty hardy up here, or at least we used to be, despite all the moaning I see on Facebook posts.  And, it’s lighter just a little later in the afternoon…as I type this at 5PM EST, it’s still light out.  The seasons are what makes life interesting, they are what can be likened to real life, and you can let them make or break you.  But if you let it, this season of cold, dark and challenging days can be nurturing the seeds of growth and creativity inside.  It’s up to you…

What is your choice?

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