Six more weeks…

bd1Big surprise…the groundhog saw his shadow.

Although after being pulled from his comfy burrow into the snow we had the day before…I can’t blame him for deciding we need to be punished.  Here on the home front we had about a foot of snow but I am by a river and we seem to get just a tad less.  Most of the storms so far have missed us so we were due for a good one.  It IS winter, after all, and it WILL be here for 6 more weeks no matter what the little rodent says.

I have been indoors watching the festivities for the most part.  A slip on the ice resulted in a broken arm and some bruised ribs.  I can’t even say I was on some great assignment…I fell in my ownbd2 yard coming back from filling the bird feeders.  How mundane.

The snowstorm also interfered with a follow up to the orthopedic doctor on Monday but I will just keep doing what they told me to do.  I do remember a time when you didn’t have to go every week-10 days for follow ups.  I guess insurance is to blame for that.  On the road to recovery, even though slow it is not a bad time to stay put.  I am getting some reading done, and thinking ahead to Spring, whenever it gets here.  The biggest pain is not being able to take pictures as easily!

Stay safe and warm.

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