Settling in – to Winter

juncoThe other day, I wrote about a storm we were waiting for.  The storm DID come in with a burst of snow starting a little after 2 PM and toward 6 PM it turned to sleet and freezing rain.  The roads were pretty messy and the leftovers wet and heavy.

Yesterday it got into the 40’s, the mess cleared up (IF you got out there and cleaned it up) and today it is much colder and the wind is blowing up a gale.  We have had squalls and Wednesday night should be our first below zero night, with a predicted 7 below. It’s been fairly mild on all accounts up until now so it feels colder.

The backyard is really busy most times but cardinalwhen the  snow comes in and covers the food sources for the birds, the feeders become a critical source of fuel.  The bird bath heater was employed a few weeks ago so they also have a source of open water as ponds, lakes and streams freeze over.  It’s worth the time, effort and $$ to have these beautiful creatures brighten up the yard (along with the antics of the ever-present squirrels)

Inside, I put the kettle on and pull out the lap blankets and some good books.  I sort through files on the computer.  I think of lots of things I can do around the house and I might even DO them.

But first…another cup of tea.

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