The Garden Lady

...sharing my world with you since 2003.

The Gardenlady website was launched in July 2003.

Since that time, the pages have grown, I've seen a lot of new places, and participated in many wonderful events. From my first pages at Geocities (a free site built using web tools) to the present site, written in HTML, it has been a learning and growing experience for me and a great way to stay in contact with friends, family and those who drop in to visit.

Perhaps the most rewarding part of it all are the visitors that are not able to get to the great outdoors anymore due to illness or other reasons who tell me they love to visit places through my pages. That alone makes all of the work worthwhile.

One of the most unexpected surprises for me was having the webpage featured in a local newspaper in May of 2006. Imagine, someone thinking it was worth reporting on! But aside from an occasional diversion when an event calls out for a somber opinion Gardenlady strives to be upbeat and show all that is good in this world. And there is a LOT of good to be shared.

As of this writing in May of 2007, I will be adding quotes (I have a million of them it seems) and hope that you continue to come back often and wander through the landscape of my life. You are always welcome here.

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