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Welcome to my new Gardenlady site.

Sharing the beauty since 2003!

About Gardenlady


The  Garden Lady website was first launched in July of 2003.  Since then, it has gone through some changes both in how the page was done (from HTML and FTP uploading) to simpler form using page tools and instant  uploading of content.  Life slows down, things change but my quest to share what is good in this world has NOT changed.  And hopefully, it never will. Life is beautiful...come on out and play!

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Gardenlady Blog

Places to go...people to see...things to do!  The previous site had my 'diary' of sorts ~ the moments that make up our everyday life.  I am starting out new, and was able to link a blogging site to this web page. 


Or, just click on one of the entries below! A quick note...I find that the Tumblr blog may not display correctly in Internet Explorer.  Try Firefox or Chrome - usually a better choice anyway! 

Parting thoughts

"Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do" ~ Rumi