A Brand New Year

stones3You would think my resolution would be to keep up the web page.  All good intentions but sometimes life just keeps getting in the way.

Since I moved to Word Press it actually IS easier than “writing” everything in HTML, uploading a ton of photos, checking to see if things display correctly.  And to be honest, these eyes can be challenged as I (ahem) mature.  But there is always hope and in the spring, once the snow threats are gone, I will have these pesky cataracts removed and maybe be able to see clearly again!

In spite of the lack of posts, life DOES go on.  We have a new great niece who came to us just before Christmas.  Little projects await just around the corner and life is never dull or boring.  As we begin 2017, may we all find peace, may we work past the general chaos that seems to have permeated our culture and knw that even though I have not been on as much as I would have hoped…you are always present in my mind and heart!

Happy New Year!

Where does the time go?

plc-for-glI mean, seriously?

I had this photo all ready to upload when I got back from leading the 2 retreats at the end of August.  With apologies for being late as usual.  Then, as it seems to be the case a lot lately – life happens and you get all goofed up.  For some of us, it doesn’t take much!

Back on a relatively even keel however.  The retreats went well, the weather was about as good as you can get at the end of August in the mountains.  And now…Autumn is here and some of the trees are starting to turn.  It was a dry summer and the famous “they” say that the trees were stressed and color may not be as good.  We will see. All I know is that I am happy that the heat and humidity have gone.

Otherwise, I have been keeping busy and have another retreat coming up soon, a day presentation on Contemplative Creativity. Hopefully I can get back to making rocksmy mandalas once again.  Plus a few more painted mandala rocks.  They sure do come out colorful!

Until next time….be happy.


Once again…I catch up!

P1350121-1I can’t believe how summer is flying by.

One minute you are celebrating the disappearance of the last snow ple and next thing you know…everything is in full bloom.  This photo was taken last week on a trip (on a relatively cool day) to Yaddo  for a trip through the gardens.  A few of us got together and had a great time taking pictures.  You can read all about Yaddo via the link. It is a very interesting place,

P1350116-1The mansion pictured here is an artists’ community, and off limits to the general public except for special occasions.  You still get a grand view of it from your vantage point across a vast expanse of lawn.  It was the home of Spencer and Katrina Trask, and the name came from one of the children who could not pronounce “shadow”  And so…it is Yaddo.


The Rose Garden is lovely, although not in full bloom when we were there.  A beautiful pool/fountain with koi and water plants enhance the garden.  Hedges form the dividers to keep visitors on the pathways.  It is beautifully maintained.




Behind a rose pergola is the woodland garden, with pools, streams and fountains.  This provides a delightful spot to cool down if it is a hot and sunny day.

I try to get there at least once a year and happy that I finally did.  It is a gem only about 1/2 hour from home.  Close to the racetracks if you are so inclined or the City of Saratoga which in itself makes for a great day trip.

Then it is back home and I water my own “feral garden” – named thus because I have not been able to keep up with it as I once did but the perennials have a field day.  All in all, it is a wonderful season even if it does get hot and humid.

Carpe Diem!

As the days get longer…

1What could be better than late May/June days?  The days are warmer, things are blooming, the bugs are not as bad as they are going to get.  At least here.  It is the time when the earth fulfills the promise it makes every year…that life goes on, and there is always something beautiful to see if you look hard enough.


2For me, it’s also about the babies.  Eggs are hatching all over, and although the birds are growing rapidly I did get out to catch a few of the goslings and ducklings locally while they were still in the “fuzzy” stage.  Less broods it seems, so I am thinking that many eggs were addled to cut back on the populations…especially the geese. We always seem to have an overabundance if measures are not taken.

3My favorite catch this year was this pair of Wood Ducks in Washington Park in Albany.  They can be terribly elusive and shy, so I was delighted to be able to get quite a few photos in two trips a friend and I made,  We have plenty of geese and mallards..usually up to our butts in them.  But these little creatures..only a little larger than a good sized pigeon…have delightful markings and tend to find quiet areas.

Looking forward to a hermit retreat in a bit…where I will be off to one of the cabins at Still Point.  There, I look forward to a couple of days of intense, up close nature observance.  Time away from the bustle of ordinary life can be a refreshing change of pace.

I can’t wait!

The Merry Month of May (sorta)

P1310576-1Once again, I fell behind in posting 🙁

Not to worry…we may not have snow as we had in the last entry in April, but it is chilly, damp and yesterday with the winds as well it felt more like March.  Today is calmer, still somewhat chilly but the leaves are on the trees, things are blooming and somehow it doesn’t seem so bad after all.

Already had my Spring presentation at the Dominican Retreat and Conference Center. It was a lovely day, we had a nice group and already the wheels in my head are spinning for the next retreat there in the Fall, and two up at Pyramid Life Center
in August.  Always a lot of fun…talking about the beauty around us and seeing the creations the people come up with. I am one blessed person.

Yes, I am 🙂

Dragging Her Heels

1The other day, I posted a shot showing the bit of snow we had, and mentioned that the next day, we would be getting 1-3 inches more of snow.  Well, the second storm came in very early Monday morning and we had about 3.5 here, and some places had up to 6+ inches of the white stuff.  This was followed by cold air, so you had to clear it out.  Things were crunchy for a day or so.

Fast forward to yesterday (Thursday)  The temperature rises to about 60, and around 4PM a sudden storm with heavy rain and straight line winds to 85 MPH in places created havoc.  Also, washed away most of Monday’s snow.  Within a weeks’ time, we had late Spring weather, high winds, snow, more snow, REALLY high winds and now things are calming down but chilly.2

Today was a chilly mix of rain, some sleet up near the place where I do volunteer work, and then a quick, small squall here at home.  The cardinal is not impressed, and looks like one of those “Angry Birds” you see.  Can’t say I blame him!

From what I hear, temperatures are supposed to stay chilly for another week or so, then perhaps we can get back to seasonal.  But not without winter’s last hurrah…one that knocked our record for least snowiest season on its butt.  Oh well, its all good in the end.

April Fool!

P1300499-1I know it is a couple of days past April 1, but perhaps that’s part of the joke!

We had a little bit of snow during the night, and 1-3 inches due tomorrow.  Snow in April is not unusual but the fact that the winter has been snow-LESS for the most part makes it worthy of an eye roll or two.  I do think of my father when we have Spring snow.  He would call it the “Poor Man’s Fertilizer”

The bird feeders are hubs of activity and somewhere up in the trees I hear a red-wing blackbird calling.  The grackles and starlings are beginning to hog the feeders and the mourning doves are back as the clean up committee.  Soon, I’ll fill the fountain and start it up for the season.  The beginning of a new cycle of growth and regeneration and it never gets old.

The Winter That Wasn’t

female redwingsmallAt least in my immediate little world.

Some places had snow and more snow, we heard about storms all over but our winter was incredibly mild.  Here in my area of town I don’t think we had much more than 6 inches of snow all winter.  After last winter I will not complain.  The good thing is that we did have rains.  Heavy at times but moisture for our water tables.

And embarrassingly enough, I was negligent  in keeping the page up to date (obviously, since the last entry was 2 months ago)  But it has been quiet, I got back into an old love – art – since there were no special snow scenes to photograph.  I had picked up an adult coloring book and colored pencils for a friend for Christmas, got a Spirograph for my great niece and art supplies for the other great niece and then I started getting into coloring also.  Which led to coloring downloaded mandala designs and ultimately creating my own designs.19 This one is the latest and it was probably the most labor intensive.

I have found that it is a very meditative experience and it’s great to tap into a long abandoned hobby.  I found a couple of groups on Facebook and joined, and enjoy seeing other peoples’ work as well.  It has been a great pastime in which I spend entirely too much time.  But I am retired, so as long as the house stays one step ahead of the Health Department guidelines I don’t worry about such trivial things (insert wink emoticon…LOL)

Find YOUR bliss.  Life is short – make time for your own creative abilities to grow.

End of January

Hard to believe that tomorrow is the last day of January.  It is still pretty much snow-less in these parts and thankfully not bitterly cold.  After last winter, we are not complaining.

So – no snow to speak of and most of the landscape is dull and the skies are more often cloudy and gray.  What do you do?  I started pulling up some photos in the archives (the external hard drive) and with the help of a plug in with a VERY old Photoshop program began creating mandalas.

Mirage4-1This was a picture of the cat (see all the eyes?)  It makes an interesting mandala and opened up a whole new way to create things.  I got a few prints and made some cards and we’ll see how they fly.  I have squared some off, isolated the circle image and added different background color in others.  Below, I share just a couple more of the mandalas.









These are just a couple of examples.  Get your own creative juices flowing this winter!


A little snow

Holy CrowSo far, this winter has been pretty quiet.

No snowstorms, no below zero days or nights…as a matter of fact before a squall the other day covered the lawn there was still a lot of green in it.  A big difference over last winter  and I for one am not complaining.  But that might change this weekend.

We are not supposed to have as much snow as the coastal areas – at least at this time looking forward.  On the Facebook pages about the weather people either are clamoring for a good snowstorm or they are perfectly happy to not be shoveling.  But I do hear the beginning grumblings of people looking forward to Spring.  I’m just happy that I am not yet looking out the window through the huge icicles that formed, turning the house into an ice prison of sorts.

No matter what winter does, it is a good time for me to do some reading, clean up some digital files, and generally slow down for a little while after the hectic Holiday season. Perhaps even get my butt in gear and make more entries on the page.

And that’s not such a bad thing 🙂